Shipping Integration Overview

Find a collection of information on how to create and publish a shipping integration

If you are looking to create a shipping integration the best solution is to use our Shipping integration application type. This will enable your shipping integration to work like a native Linnworks shipping integration.

What is a shipping integration

External shipping integration via the App Store allows developers to integrate a shipping into the same process flow and interaction that a customer would go through integrating and interacting with a native shipping.

The following functions can be achieved via the integration:

  • Shipping integration wizard
  • Shipping services mapping
  • Shipping extended property mapping
  • Label generation and deletion
  • Order manifesting
  • Order quoting

Example shipping integration

An example shipping integration can be found at the following repository:

Publish your shipping integration

Information on the requirements to publish your shipping integration to the app store can be found on the Make an app public page.