Application Types

Application types define how your application works within Although each application can in theory have bits of each type, channel and shipping integrations are required to be in their respective category.

Every application will need a manifest which contains data about the application and will vary depending on the kind of application.

The application types in Linnworks:

Embedded Application and Native Application

Applications that tie into and enable you to create entire screens such as open orders and my inventory. As these are created in you do not need to authenticate using a token. The application will talk to the API in the same way that the core Linnworks UI does. In addition native applications can be new tabs or buttons on specified areas of existing screens.

Sample native application -

Sample pluggable component -

More details about Embedded applications is at: Embedded Applications

System Integration and Mobile Application

Every time a customer installs you application they will be shown a token which can be used to authorise your application allowing you to query their database. To make this process easier you application manifest should contain a postback url. This means that every time someone installs your application Linnworks will send the token to the URL. This allows you to save it and use it to authenticate you application for each session and make calls to the system. Any actions that are taken will be logged under the applications name.

Channel integration

Integrate with marketplaces and can pull new orders, mark orders as dispatched and update stock levels and prices. Similar to any other Linnworks integrations. The manifest of these integrations will have a list of endpoints that are periodically called by the Linnworks system.

More details about Channel Integrations is at: Channel Integration Overview

Shipping Integration

Integrate with couriers and support generation and cancelling of labels. Filing and prating manifests. The endpoints for this application type are only called when a user requests an action to be carried out.

More details about Shipping Integrations is at: Shipping Integration